Unique Quality

Hand made items using beautiful materials.
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Arc Lumen can supply all types of hard and soft wood in a host of colour finishes.

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Arc Lumen can supply all types of metals with an array of finishes and forms.

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Glass & Acrylic

Arc Lumen create custom designs using glass and highly versatile acrylic.

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Resin & Inlace

Arc Lumen use resin and inlace to create different and spectacular finish effects.

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Arc Lumen create dazzling designs for your bespoke lighting project.

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Power & Data

Arc Lumen can integrate power sockets, USB ports and data exchange cables.

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Unique Quality Items

We can produce items made to your specific requirements or from a brief wish list. All handmade using beautiful and/ or quirky materials.

Outstanding Materials

Materials are blended to deliver items that will stand out as bespoke pieces and offer a centrepiece or personal item to love and admire.

Array of Possibilities

You bespoke handmade item can range from a small gift to larger more complex objects such as lights or furniture. We can make your idea a reality!

Small is Beautiful

We are a small company and everything we craft is made with care, attention to detail and an absolute commitment to the satisfaction of our customers.

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