High Quality Unique Items

Arc Lumen only creates high quality unique items. These can be expressly made to your specific requirements or produced from a brief wish list. We do not make any identical production run type products. Each item is hand made using beautiful and/ or quirky materials.

These materials are blended to deliver items that will stand out as bespoke pieces and offer a centrepiece or personal item to love and admire. Items can be small gifts, or larger more complex objects such as lights or furniture. We are a small company and everything we craft is made with care, attention to detail and an absolute commitment to the satisfaction of our customers.

Once upon a time many, many, years ago I completed an electronics engineer’s apprenticeship. After various engineering roles I then moved into sales and marketing. After fifteen years I found myself working as the European Marketing Manager for a manufacturer of high quality aerospace components.
It was then I had my ‘Good Life’ moment! Tired of the corporate shenanigans I decided to pack it all in, train as an electrician and become self-employed. Before long I began not only carrying out electrical work but also fitting kitchens and bathrooms.
I am currently a qualified and Part P approved electrician. This enables me to ensure that all safety measures are applied when producing any 240v electrical items.
In more recent years, I started making jewellery boxes for my wonderful wife as just a hobby. This soon expanded into making all sorts of boxes and small gifts for friends and family, and then making items on request for their friends and family… By this time I was truly smitten with designing and creating bespoke boxes, clocks, small pieces of furniture and lights, using a variety of materials, resin and inlace, and having been bitten by the bug I began to invest in more and better tools and equipment giving me a massively expanded repertoire of products and creations.
Over time it became apparent to me that this ability to produce one-off bespoke items to a very high standard was more than just a hobby. I love it. Given the choice of fixing a toilet or making a light? Well you guess!
I try whenever I can to incorporate the organic elements of the materials I use. For instance, using the live edge of a piece of wood rather than using a clinical clean cut. I also love to blend materials both natural and man made as you will see from the wood and acrylic lights on this site.
So here I am, ready and able to produce uniquely personal items to your specific requirements.

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