Design Process

The design process begins with the basics and is guided by what you are looking for; a jewellery box, a light or something larger like a desk?

If you have an object or item of memorabilia that you would like to incorporate into your piece then this can also be achieved. We would then discuss the style that you would like to see followed during the design and material selection stage. This can be anything from types of material, size of component parts, material finishes and light sources (for instance; if lights are to be incorporated into the object, is this for illumination or for an additional effect – such as flashing or coloured lighting).

Bespoke Additions

We can then drill down into the additional detail such as any hand carving required – for example dedications, personalised logos and messages. 

Other additions could include more functional aspects. Desks for instance could include integrated chargers, mains sockets, usb splitters, speakers and bluetooth/wifi integration. We believe that our creations should not only look fantastic but also have the functionality to really make them stand out.

Personalised Product Additions

If you wish, Arc Lumen can hand carve your specified detail.

From names, individual messages, personalised logos, artistic interpretations or any other information you may require. Carving is usually finished off with resin Inlace but other materials such as metal, acrylic or wood can be used.